Our yearly activities to display students talents and potentials.

Organized prayers followed by thought for the day, news and patriotic songs.


 Celebrations with great fervour and spirit to amuse, entertain and inculcate in our students relevence and importance of the traditions and festivals in their lives.

Independence day voicing their patriotism.

 Competitions are a part of learning and bring out hidden talent.

English skit competition

Hindi poetry recitation competition

Debate competition

Science and craft exhibition on World Students Day.

Science & Social Science Project making in class

Monthly quiz completion

Elocution competition

Drawing competition.



Students experience outdoors.

Trekking in Bundi forest.

Trip to Dara sanctuary.

Staff visit to Ranthambore National Park.

Picnic to Ganesh Udyan and Chambal garden.

Fun in CV garden.

 Surveying socio-economic life of Bundi.


 PTM (Praents Teachers Meeting), Class wise Orientation Programmes and teachers workshops are conducted on regular basis.